Solo Leveling Season 2 in production – here’s what we know so far including announcement video

Solo Leveling, Season 2 announcement trailer is all about Jinwoo

Following the conclusion of its 12th and final episode in Japan on Sunday, and that long-awaited “Arise” moment, a confirmation was made that the eagerly awaited Ore dake Level Up na Ken (Solo Leveling) Season 2 of the TV anime is on its way.

That confirmation came in the way of a Solo Leveling, Season 2 announcement video, which featured scenes from the first season of protagonist Jinwoo desperate to get stronger.

It ends with a now-stronger Jinwoo announcing Season 2, and then putting his index finger to his lips. “Schhhhhhhh“. (Watch below)

Few details about the upcoming second season were released, but we do know it will be called “Ore dake Level Up na Ken Season 2: Arise from the Shadow” (in English Solo Leveling Season 2: Arise from the Shadow).

The first season of the 12-episode Solo Leveling premiered on January 7th, and has since become one of the most popular anime series of the Winter 2024 season.

It’s not surprising then fans were a little frantic as the fantasy action adventure headed towards its first season’s conclusion, desperately hoping a Season 2 would transpire.

And now it has.

Solo Leveling light novels and manhwa

Originally released as a web novel by author Chugong, the Solo Leveling novel series, which the anime is based on, was eventually published in volume form with 14 volumes now out in Korean.

A manhwa adaptation was released later in nine volumes.

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Yen Press has licensed the rights for the Solo Leveling English translation of the manhwa, and currently has eight volumes out, with the ninth and final volume due to be published in August.

The American publisher is also publishing the light novel series, with Volume 8 out last July.

Yen Press describes the plot of the light novel series in this way:

E-rank hunter Jinwoo Sung has no money, no talent, and no prospects to speak of-and apparently, no luck, either!

When he enters a hidden double dungeon one fateful day, he’s abandoned by his party and left to die at the hands of some of the most horrific monsters he’s ever encountered.

But just before the last, fatal blow… PING! [Congratulations on becoming a Player.]

Watch the just-released Solo Leveling, Season 2 announcement trailer down below, and now you can sleep happy knowing Jinwoo’s journey to becoming the most powerful hunter it is possible to be will continue.

The anime will stream on Crunchyroll.

And yeah, that is all we know about the upcoming second season so far, but we will continue to update you as soon as more information is released.

Meanwhile, you can now watch/rewatch all 12 episodes of Season 1 on Crunchyroll.

Source: Official Solo Leveling website


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