Sonic the Hedgehog design will be revamped for now February, 2020 release

The upcoming live-action film Sonic the Hedgehog got a first trailer a few weeks ago, followed by a huge amount of anger from fans of the iconic video game who hated the new Sonic the Hedgehog design.

After all, nowhere in any Sonic game ever released did we see the little guy with hair, human-style eyes and scary teeth (WTF?). Nor did we ever expect him to look like a person in a cheap acrylic plushie suit.

Luckily, it appears director Jeff Fowler has listened to the fan complaints, and their threats of not spending money on a movie featuring that version of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Then again, he really couldn’t do anything but now, could he?

Not when the original YouTube Sonic the Hedgehog trailer garnered only 379,000 thumbs up and 672,000 thumbs down. A recipe for disaster when the movie releases, indeed.

So, in a tweet yesterday, Fowler told the disgruntled fans “Taking a little more time to make Sonic just right”, and followed it with the hash tag

This was all illustrated with the graphic ‘2-14-20‘, indicating not only would the Sonic the Hedgehog design in the new movie be one fans actually liked, but the movie release date was now being put back by three months to give graphic artists time to actually create it.

In comments on the tweet, most fans were appreciative, and not remotely upset they would have to wait a few months longer to see the film.


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Michelle Topham