Spelunky PC Release Date is August 15, 2013: How Much Will It Cost?

Derek Yu, the developer of Spelunky, has finally announced the rogue-like platformer game that’s due to be released for PC on GOG and Steam later this summer now has a release date. According to him, Spelunky for PC will be releasing on August 15, 2013. Yay!

Now you know that, of course, you might want to know another important fact. How much is Spelunky for PC going to cost?

Again, according to the developer, the game will sell for the same price it already does on Xbox Live — $15.


However, I’m guessing it may be a couple of bucks cheaper on GOG when it first comes out, as they do tend to have a ‘first week of release’ sale that usually knocks 10 percent of the normal price. Let’s just say, we’ll see.

Michelle Topham