Spotify’s Free Music Service Is Not Ending, Your Streaming is Safe


Spotify’s free service is not ending

Yesterday, the Internet was all agog, with fans of Spotify upset after several websites published articles saying Spotify was stopping their free service. New rules stated listeners would only be able to listen to music on Spotify for 90 days. After that, they would be required to join the paid service.

Personally, I thought the stories were strange when I read them, as 75 percent of the people who use Spotify use their ad-supported free service. So it made absolutely no sense to me that the streaming-music service would be doing something that drastic. Ending their free service and, thus, alienating 75 percent of their user base.


As it turns out, the rumors were wrong. A Spotify spokesperson came out a few hours later simply saying “It’s totally false. Our model is working.”

Sounds to me like one of their competitors, a competitor like Tidal or Apple, decided to put out false information about Spotify in an effort to damage their business model.

Guess it didn’t occur to them news travels fast online, and soon there would be millions of people talking about Spotify (always good for business) and refuting the lies.

So, just so you know — your Spotify account is safe. You will not be forced to pay for streaming music if you don’t want to. And, if other rumours are true, Spotify has some pretty awesome news to release on May 20th. So, my guess is, it’s just about to get even better over there.

Michelle Topham