Square Enix’s Antique Carnevale is a free-to-play browser game only on Yahoo Games Japan — how disappointing.

Antique Carnevale is a free-to-play browser game only available on Yahoo Games Japan — how disappointing

Square Enix’s upcoming game Antique Carnevale had a first video teaser trailer out a couple of weeks ago and it looked beautiful.

The teaser trailer didn’t show us much about the game except that it introduced a character called Bernard. That trailer was followed a few days later with another one and another and another.

In all, four Antique Carnevale characters were revealed over the next two weeks and they looked so promising fans were abuzz about a new, quite unexpected Square Enix JRPG possibly coming soon.

And hopefully one available on all the major platforms.

Instead, we learnt today via Siliconera and others, Square Enix’s Antique Carnevale is nothing more than a free-to-play browser game that is currently only available in Japanese on Yahoo! Games Japan. What a disappointment.

The game itself is a mix between a game like chess and a JRPG but, again, only available via web browser. In-game purchases are also involved.

Alrighty then.

Well, back to playing the games I was playing before because, while Antique Carnevale definitely has a beautiful art style,  I have little interest in yet another free-to-play web browser game with micro transactions. Especially one in Japanese.

How about you?

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