Stan Ridgway’s ‘Drive, She Said’ is Quirky, Cool and Atmospheric – Repeat Rotation Video

drive she said stan ridgway

If you listened to indie rock and new wave music in the 1980s and 90s, you’re probably familiar with Stan Ridgway. He was the lead singer of Wall of Voodoo and, as a solo artist today, is still known for his unique voice and his unusual songs — often more of a story than a song.

Today, I’m playing Stan Ridgway’s ‘Drive, She Said‘, a song he released in 1985 as the third single from his debut solo album The Big Heat. As Ridgway is a huge fan of film noir, his album was named after the 1953 film movie of the same name.

Since it’s initial release, The Big Heat (and ‘Drive, She Said‘) has been so popular with fans, Ridgway has released two more versions of the album — both included six more tracks than his 1985 debut.

As for ‘Drive, She Said‘, it is a classic alternative rock song from the mid 1980s. I used to play it on my evening radio show when I was a radio DJ in Ohio, and there wasn’t a night went by where I didn’t get a slew of requests for it, even months after it had been first released.

Stan Ridgway’s ‘Drive, She Said‘ is quirky, cool, creates a great atmosphere and tells a fabulous story — all in a four minute song.

Watch the official video of Ridgway’s ‘Drive, She Said‘ below, and play it as your Repeat Rotation Video today if you are so inclined.

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