‘Star’ by 99RadioService is best Chihayafuru song and a cool addition to our Best Anime Songs list

It’s about time to add another song to our Best Anime Songs list and we couldn’t choose a better song than ‘Star‘ by 99RadioService — the Chihayafuru Season 2 opening theme.

Chihayafuru, of course, is one of the best anime series released in the last 10 years and, with its now three seasons, it is one of the best binge-worthy anime series as well.


Star‘ by 99RadioService (pronounced Nine-Nine-Radio-Service) is being added to our Best Anime Songs list this week because it is the song I am currently addicted to as I speedwalk my way through the city of Vienna, Austria every day with it blaring in my headphones.

It is a track that has a melancholy to it but still feels so positive and hopeful, has an addictive melody and chorus, and a beat that is brilliant for speedwalking incredibly fast to.

And man, that cool piano riff!

In fact, before I even knew what the lyrics of Chihayafuru 2’s opening theme ‘Star‘ meant, listening to it already gave me the feeling I could do anything if I just put my mind to it.


Just like Chihaya Ayase and her friends come to believe as they give their all to playing and mastering the fascinating Japanese card game of karuta.

Once I discovered what the lyrics to 99RadioService’s ‘Star’ actually meant, and that they were hopeful:

tomaranai kono kimochi, togirenai doko made mo
These feelings would never be stopped, would never be broken, no matter where we go.

taemanaku tsuzuku hibi no sono naka de, zutto yumemita basho ni chikazukitai
In the midst of those days that incessantly continues on, I want to get closer to that place I’ve always dreamed of.

tomaranai kono kimochi tashikamete
These feelings would never be stopped, I’ll make sure of it.

taisetsu na yakusoku wo mamoru tame ni, hon no chotto zutsu demo ii, chikazukitai
To protect our important promise, even if it’s just a little at a time, I want to get closer to you.

kawaranai kono kimochi tadoritsuku sono hi made
These feelings would never change until we reach that day.

I was even more hooked on that gorgeous song. (You can read the full lyrics for ‘Star‘ courtesy of Minachhi — thanks, Mina!)

Star’ by 99RadioService  not only plays over the Chihayafuru Season 2 intro animation, but the band also put out a cool official music video for the track.

It features the band performing the song while riding around the city on a bus, interspersed with scenes of the band members doing fun and quirky things.

Listen to ‘Star‘ by 99RadioService — the Chihayafuru Season 2 opening theme — in that music video below. You can also watch the cute animated intro to the series below that.


Michelle Topham