Steph Micayle’s Gangnam Style Cover Better Than the Original? (Video)

steph micayle gangnam style cover

Gotta say Singaporean singer Steph Micayle’s cover of ‘Gangnam Style‘ on YouTube is even better than the original, and I loved that one.

Steph Micayle, though, has more heart and soul and her version of Gangnam Style has a lot more ‘oomph’ than the one made famous by Psy – as catchy as that one was — which is why I love it even more.

Check out her kickass song below and see what you think.

And hey, the woman even taught herself to sing it in Korean, just about perfectly. How cool is that?.

So why am I bringing up Steph Micayle’s cover of Gangnam Style now, you are probably asking?

A cover that has been out on YouTube for over a year, and has already garnered more than 10 million views?

That is because Steph is currently stirring up trouble in Singapore (you go, girl!), by making it very clear why she is not proud to be Singaporean — with a video explaining why.


You have gotta love a woman with opinions as strong as that, and, of course, …….the facts to back them up.


Michelle Topham