Strong Girl Nam Soon E 8 ratings STRONG as K-drama heads into second half

Photo courtesy JTBC

Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 8 has over 1.0 percent ratings increase

After a drop in the ratings for its previous episode, Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 8 rallied last night in South Korea, grabbing a higher percentage of its audience than on Saturday night.

That higher percentage was an over 1.0 percent rise from the K-drama’s Saturday night rating, with Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 8 earning 8.47 percent of the audience share nationwide, up from its previous episode’s 7.34 percent.

In Seoul, the comedy drama earned a similar jump on Sunday night with Episode 8 grabbing 9.05 percent of the audience, an increase from Saturday night’s 8.39 percent.

Strong Girl Nam Soon in #1 spot on cable TV

Both ratings gave the K-drama a #1 spot as the most-watched show on cable TV for Sunday.

Proving how well it performs when it is not also in a time slot that overlaps other incredibly popular Korean dramas My Dearest and The Escape of the Seven like it is on Saturday evenings.

Both are also strong numbers that end the K-drama’s first half on a high note as it heads into its second and final half.

Throw in that the Lee You Mi-led drama is currently one of the most-watched shows on Netflix for the third week in a row, and things continue to look very bright for the superb JTBC drama going forward.

The next episode of Strong Girl Nam Soon will air next Saturday, November 4th at 22:30 (KST) on JTBC, with Netflix airing the episode in regions around the world.

Netflix will also be releasing its updated watch numbers tomorrow, and my guess is we will see Strong Girl Nam Soon on the chart for a fourth week. Fingers crossed, eh?


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