Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Vol. 3 in English out in April – Anne and Shall’s story continues

With the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime doing so well this year, fans of the fantasy romance anime will be pleased to find out that the light novel series has its next volume coming out later this month in English.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Volume 3 in English will be published by Yen Press on April 18th in both trade paperback and digital download versions.

The publisher has this to say about the plot of Volume 3, written by Miri Mikawa and illustrated by aki:

The Royal Candy Fair approaches, and Anne Halford is ready to tackle the competition again to win the title of Silver Sugar Master!

However, she is in a bind due to the year’s poor harvest of sugar apples—the most important ingredient for silver sugar—and the only way to obtain the limited few is by working at the Radcliffe Workshop.

Despite having had terrible encounters with the candy crafters from that faction, Anne decides to go, as she won’t let anything deter her from achieving her dream.

Now she just needs to find a motif for her sugar candy sculpture…

While it it great to be getting Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Volume 3 in English this month, there are 17 volumes of the light novel available in Japanese.

That means it will still be quite a while before English language speaking fans of the series will be able to read it to completion.

Meanwhile, Yen Press is also publishing the light novels’ manga adaptation in English, with one of two volumes out so far.

You can pre-order Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Volume 3 in English via Yen Press now.

We will also keep you posted as soon as the publication date for Volume 4 is announced.

Now enjoy the trailer for the light novels’ anime adaptation. If you have not yet watched it, it really is a lovely thing.