Sunbeams in the Sky manga out in English in April – a cute high school rom-com starring twins

The Monika Kaname school-themed romantic comedy manga Sunbeams in the Sky is finally getting an English language release, with Yen Press publishing it in both digital and trade paperback.

Sunbeams in the Sky (aka Sora ni Hidamari in Japan) tells the story of Himari Akeno, a soon-to-be high school student who suffers an upsetting incident right before her high school life begins.


Due to that, Himari decides to drop out of school, which pains her twin sister Mio.

After all, she knew how much Himari was looking forward to high school, so cannot bear to see her so upset and afraid.


Sunbeams in the Sky Volume 1 cover art

That is when Mio decides she should do anything she can to get Himari to go to school. Including pretending to be sick, so that Himari can impersonate Mio and go to school in her place.

The only problem for Himari is Mio is upbeat, happy and always cheerful, while Himari tends to be the opposite.

Can Himari impersonate Mio well enough in school to pass as her sister and, if she can, will she end up experiencing the happy high school life she always wanted?

Sunbeams in the Sky Volume 1 in English is due out via Yen Press On April 18th, with the second volume of the three-volume series arriving in August.

Pre-orders are ongoing for Volume 1 now.