Switzerland’s Rykka Dyes Her Hair Blue For Eurovision 2016

rykka blue hair switzerland eurovision 2016

If you have seen Rykka this week, the competitor who will be representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, you might have noticed she has dyed her hair blue. A blue that looks very cool with her signature curls, I might add.

According to Rykka, she changes the color of her hair a lot, and just decided this time she likes blue, so… she’s gone with it.


And, while it could certainly have something to do with her final staging for her Eurovision song ‘The Last Of Our Kind‘, Rykka is not letting on if it does.

Guess we’ll have to wait until the second Eurovision 2016 semi-final on the 12th May to find out.

Meanwhile look how cute Rykka looks in the short video below.

Michelle Topham