Talentless Nana opening theme ‘Broken Sky’ by Miyu Tomita is as superb as you’d expect

Like I said last month when I wrote about the Talentless Nana trailer being ‘cute’, it wouldn’t matter who was cast in the new anime series as I’m all about Miyu Tomita — just about my favorite Japanese voice actress at the moment.

It is no wonder then that I also love the Talentless Nana opening theme song ‘Broken Sky‘, as it is sung by the very same Miyu Tomita. With the same powerful, kickass vocals she always manages to produce.

This month, with two episodes of Talentless Nana (aka Munou na Nana) already out, let’s just say the anime series is not quite as ‘cute’ as I expected it to be. It is, however, an intriguing anime with interesting characters, a strange protagonist and quite a few unexpected twists so far.

It is also an anime series that it is hard to guess where it will all end. (No, I have not read the manga). But, I am presuming, we will be seeing a lot more shocking events. Like the one that sprang out of nowhere at the end of episode one.

The Talentless Nana opening theme song ‘Broken Sky‘ by Miyu Tomita is also most definitely one of my favorite anime theme songs this season. (Article cont. below…)

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After all, it is a song that does a great job of musically illustrating this anime series — as it is at once upbeat, while also hiding something quite a bit more sinister in its melody and vocals.

The song is also a superb vehicle for Miyu Tomita, as the music gives her a chance to really show off her powerful voice and her ability to hit those massive high notes.

Listen to the Talentless Nana opening theme song ‘Broken Sky‘ sung by Miyu Tomita in the official music video for the track below.

And yes, the Talentless Nana OP is going on our Best Anime Songs list, as this one is a stand-out.

Talentless Nana is currently streaming on Funimation in the U.S.