Tales of Zestiria English Trailer Released, Game To Launch in Fall (Video)

If you’ve been waiting to hear more news about the English version of Tales of Zestiria, you’ll be happy to know we finally have some. According to developer Bandai Namco, the good news is Tales of Zestiria will release in the fall.

The bad news? The game is still going to be a PS3 exclusive. Damn.

It’s not just English speakers that will benefit from the release of the English version of Tales of Zestiria either.


The game will have both English and Japanese soundtracks of course, but it will also come with English, French and Spanish subtitles as well. Good to know.

Meanwhile, the new Tales of Zestiria English trailer is called ‘The Shepherd’s Burden‘. It is beautiful, and you can watch it below.

Michelle Topham