Taxi Driver 2, Ep 13 viewers fell 2 percent but still one of most-watched shows of week in S. Korea

With the latest numbers now out from Nielsen Korea for TV audiences last night, it appears the Taxi Driver 2, Episode 13 viewers fell quite a bit compared to last week.

Those numbers show the thirteenth episode of the revenge drama saw a 2.2 percent drop with nationwide audiences in South Korea on Friday night compared to its previous episode, and a 2 percent fall with Seoul audiences.

That being said, the number of Taxi Driver 2, Episode 13 viewers the drama did receive still make the show one of the most-watched of the week.

The drama grabbed 16.1 percent of the audience in its time slot nationwide, and an even higher 17.4 percent in Seoul.

Plus, the episode did air on a Friday night — one of the most popular not-staying-home-to-watch-TV nights in the country — which often explains for a fall in viewers.

Even with that fact though, the show still scored high with one of the most important demographics — 20 to 49 year olds.

The next episode of Taxi Driver 2 will air in Korea later on tonight,

That episode will then set the Lee Je Hoon-led drama up for its final two episodes, which will air next Friday and Saturday evening at 22:00 (KST).

Episodes that, if my prediction is correct, will likely be two of the most-watched the drama has had throughout its entire run.


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