Taylor Swift and Gary Lightbody Sing ‘The Last Time’ Live’ – So Beautiful: Repeat Rotation Video

taylor swift gary lightbody the last time


Taylor Swift and Gary Lightbody, he of Snow Patrol fame, sang Taylor’s song ‘The Last Time‘ live in concert in Sacramento, California last year and their performance is beautiful. Today, it’s my Repeat Rotation Video.

The Last Time‘ was written by Taylor and Lightbody, along with Irish music producer Jacknife Lee, and is from Taylor’s album ‘Red‘. I like it as it’s a more mature song, both lyrically and musically, to what she produced before this and, while I like many of the tracks on ‘Red‘, this is the one I think is the strongest.

Plus, it’s Gary Lightbody, he’s an incredible writer (if you get a chance, read his newspaper columns if you don’t believe me) and he’s just one of those Irish guys (a la Bono) that is as close to God as you can get according to me — the atheist.


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