Taylor Swift and John Cleese Talk Cats on The Graham Norton Show – Funny Video

taylor swift and john cleese on the graham norton show


So, I’m trolling Graham Norton videos again, and I really shouldn’t as an hour of my life has gone by already. But, I did come across this video of Taylor Swift and John Cleese talking about their cats on The Graham Norton Show earlier in the week, and it is very very funny.


Cleese, for some bizarre reason, seems intent on dissing Taylor’s cat, but she’s having none of it. And when he dares to say that cats are ‘just like women’ – “unpredictable and cussed” Taylor has a very good response.

Watch the video below and may I point out, Taylor Swift is absolutely gorgeous, that dress is beautiful and, man, is she smart and funny. And John Cleese, of course, he’s just brilliant.