Taylor Swift is a Stalker and Her Fans Talk About Dying a Lot (Video)

taylor swift and the fans at her house


I am so so so so so  sorry. I rarely post two videos back to back from the same TV show but this Taylor Swift video from The Graham Norton Show earlier in the week is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages, and I just had to share.


In it, Norton is asking Taylor Swift about an idea she had for her fans. An idea that required Taylor to troll the internet for months, stalking a select group of fans until she decided whether she liked them or not. (I’m inserting in here ‘were not creepy or weird’).

The ones she liked she then invited to her house, so she could let them listen to her unreleased new album as a big ‘Thank you” for being so supportive.

What makes this video hilariously funny is how Graham Norton has found comments from said fans written on their blogs after they’d visited Taylor’s house, and he reads them out to the audience. Even Taylor Swift just about dies laughing (and you’ll get that reference when you’ve watched the video).