Taylor Swift is Gorgeous in New Keds Campaign: Makes Me Want to Buy Shoes

taylor swift keds ad 2 Teen Vogue August

Have you ever seen a photo of Taylor Swift where she doesn’t look absolutely stunning? Nope. I can’t say I have either. But in her new Keds campaign for the Taylor Swift Keds Collection, I have to say she looks even more gorgeous than normal.

Plus, what’s even nicer about all the Taylor Swift Keds campaigns she does is that the campaigns are currently set around the theme of ‘Brave’, as they try to inspire teenage girls to be brave and be self-confident. Do something different, learn something new, challenge yourself. How cool is that?


taylor swift keds ad

For more on the Keds Brave campaigns, check out their website ‘Bravehearts’ as it has loads of information about girls doing things you might like to do, and for more on Taylor Swift keep checking back with Leo Sigh, as we love her just as much as you do.

Her new Keds campaign will kick of in the August issue of Teen Vogue.

Michelle Topham