Taylor Swift is People Magazine’s Best-Dressed Person of the Year: Lovely Style, Chic Clothes

Taylor Swift has just been named People magazine’s ‘Best-Dressed Person of the Year. Not surprising really when you look at what she’s been wearing lately. Gorgeous elegant ball gowns, her now-signature crop tops worn with matching skirts, mini dresses and all in a style that’s evolving and changing every day, but yet still suits her perfectly.

People magazine editors themselves were also very complimentary of Taylor saying she has ‘truly hit her style stride in the last 12 months’, and then mentioning her “sweet separates and designer gowns”.

I have to say I agree on both. Her separates (often a crop top and a matching skirt) make her look so fresh and chic as she bops around New York running errands or doing shopping, and her sleek, fitted ball gowns that seem to now be her ‘perfect style’ on the red carpet are stunning.

Other people on the ‘Best-Dressed include actress Blake Lively at number two, Diane Kruger (who says she doesn’t care about fashion that much) at number three, and Jennifer Lopez in the fourth spot.

For the rest, make sure to check out People magazine’s list of 10 – some may actually surprise you.

Michelle Topham