Taylor Swift Rocks ‘Style’ at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Awesome Performance (Video)

taylor swift style victorias secret fashion show


Taylor Swift might already have a top-selling album with her latest release ‘1989‘, but she hasn’t, as yet, sung several of the songs from the album live. That was rectified last week with one song, when Taylor Swift rocked ‘Style live at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London.

Taylor opened the show with ‘Blank Space‘, and closed it with ‘Style‘. Although both songs are fabulous, as is her entire album, ‘Style’ is the one I liked the most.

It fits the image of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show perfectly, the models themselves looked like they were having a blast walking the runway to it and, let’s face it, Taylor Swift singing ‘Style‘ live, while wearing sexy black lingerie, stiletto heels and nothing else — well (insert whatever emotion you felt here).

Gotta say, I’m loving Taylor more and more every time I see her. She’s just about flawless with everything she does, and everything she does is fabulous.

Watch Taylor Swift singing ‘Style’ live at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show below. Yep. Rocking.


Michelle Topham