Team Fortress 2 Update Now Live: Bug Fixes, Redesigned Maps, Weapons Rebalance

Team Fortress 2’s update has just gone live and, honestly, there’s really not much point me telling you what’s in it. Why? Because this Team Fortress 2 update is MASSIVE and I don’t have the time it would take to tell you everything you’ll be getting.

All I probably need to say is the update alone is 875MB. Does that give you more of an idea of HOW massive this new Team Fortress 2 update is?

You can, of course, find out about every feature in the update on Valve’s website set up for the free-to-play game. There you’ll see it includes additional community-submitted workshop items, bug fixes, updated and redesigned maps, a major weapon rebalance, it’s added the ability to paint certain items, and ‘Strange Bacon Grease’ can now be gift-wrapped.


Michelle Topham