Texas Sings ‘Summer Son’ Live at T in the Park: Sharleen Spiteri is Still Magic (Video)


Scottish rock band Texas is an absolute powerhouse of a band, but they have never been better than when they sang ‘Summer Son‘ at T in the Park this weekend, and proved they’re still just as good live as they are on an album.

Texas has been around since the mid 1980s, of course, but in the 25 years or so that their lead singer Sharleen Spiteri has wowed fans with her amazing voice, her guitar playing, and her stage presence, I’ve never seen her give a bad performance.

After what I saw of her and Texas at T in the Park this weekend, I can happily say that still seems to be the case.


Watch Texas singing ‘Summer Son’ at T in the Park in the BBC video below. What an awesome song, a great singer and a fabulous band, and doesn’t it bring back memories?

Michelle Topham