The Amanda Show is Returning to Nickelodeon on TeenNick

the amanda show

If you were big fans of The Amanda Show starring actress Amanda Bynes, you are going to be happy with this news. That is because The Amanda Show is set to return to Nickelodeon starting on Friday, June 10 at 10 p.m. on The Splat on TeenNick.

There will not, however, be any new episodes of The Amanda Show. Just re-runs. Still, if you love Amanda Bynes, it is definitely good news.


The Amanda Show was created by actor and TV producer Dan Schneider back in 1999 and ran until almost the end of 2002. The show starred Amanda Bynes, Nancy Sullivan and Drake Bell.

The last time we saw The Amanda Show on TeenNick was early in 2013. Now we’re set for yet more re-runs. Yay!


Michelle Topham