The Ancient Magus’ Bride’s Opening Song 1 — ‘Here’ by JUNNA — Best Anime Songs

Today’s addition to our new Best Anime Songs feature on Leo Sigh is The Ancient Magus’ Bride‘s opening song 1 — ‘Here‘ by JUNNA.


The song was featured on The Ancient Magus’ Bride for the first half of the series, but was then replaced in the second half with ‘You‘ by May’n — a track that, some fans of the series thought, didn’t have anywhere near the power of JUNNA’s ‘Here‘. (I disagree — both songs are equally as powerful, just with a completely different feel).

As for JUNNA, she is a Japanese singer who had just released her debut EP and was still only 16-years-old when the song was released back in 2017.

Hard to believe with a voice that powerful and mature.

Listen to ‘Here‘ by JUNNA from The Ancient Magus’ Bride in the video below, and do watch the striking opening animation. Much of which was original artwork, unlike the animation used for the second opening song later in the series.

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