The Apothecary Diaries’ Maomao Character Visual makes her look shy but curious

The Apothecary Diaries’ Maomao Character Visual shows the pharmacist’s working-class background

The upcoming TOHO Animation anime The Apothecary Diaries just got a new character visual via its official Twitter account, and it really is the sweetest thing. (see below)

Especially if you like an art style that is traditional in nature, but still features the loveliest and most naive looking girl.

That visual, of course, is The Apothecary Diaries‘ Maomao Character Visual, and features the young pharmacist dressed in typical ancient Chinese workers’ clothing and carrying a woven basket on her back.

As she looks wide-eyed back at the viewer, Maomao appears to be very shy, yet curious.


Stunning Maomao character visual

What is The Apothecary Diaries?

The upcoming anime is based on the popular light novel series written by Natsu Hyūga and illustrated by Touko Shino, which has been one of the most best-selling light novels in Japan for several years now.

The series has been published in volume form since 2014, with 13 volumes currently out in Japanese and eight in English.

The spin-off manga series also has 11 volumes in Japanese, and seven in English, with the eighth one on its way out in July.

Square Enix is publishing the manga series, and has this to say about the plot:

Maomao, a young woman trained in the art of herbal medicine, is forced to work as a lowly servant in the inner palace. Though she yearns for life outside its perfumed halls, she isn’t long for a life of drudgery!

Using her wits to break a “curse” afflicting the imperial heirs, Maomao attracts the attentions of the handsome eunuch Jinshi and is promoted to attendant food taster. But Jinshi has other plans for the erstwhile apothecary, and soon Maomao is back to brewing potions and…solving mysteries?!

As for The Apothecary Diaries anime, it is being directed by Norihiro Naganuma (The Ancient Magus’ Bride), who is also supervising scripts.

Yukiko Nakatani (Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure) is the character designer, and anime production is by TOHO Animation.

The Apothecary Diaries art style, by the way, is utterly gorgeous, which you will see when you watch the anime’s official trailer below.

As for its premiere date, no fixed date has been released just yet, but some time in 2023 is expected.