The Best Shooters of All Time? First-Person and Third-Person

PC Gamer has a new ‘Best’ list up and this time they’ve chosen The Best Shooters of All Time¬†(both first-person and third-person, of course). While you’ll find expected games like Quake III, Battlefield 3, Swat 4 and Unreal Tournament on the list of best shooters, you might also be surprised at some of the others the PC games magazine has included.

Unfortunately, as always lately, PC Gamer has put all 25 best shooter games on a ‘carousel’, so you have to click through 26 screens to see which games made it (guess they need the page views?)

Or….you could just read the ‘tags’ below the first page, and that will tell you which games PC Gamer felt were worthy to be named ‘Best Shooters of All Time’.

I know that’s what I did. And then, feel free to disagree with them in the comments section. Which is what everyone else seems to be doing as well.

Michelle Topham