The Boxtrolls: My Most Anticipated Movie of 2014 (Video Trailer and Stills)

eggs the boxtrolls movie still

I’ve been following the upcoming movie ‘The Boxtrolls’ for months – ever since I saw the first video trailer last year – as it simply looks spectacular. Cute characters, awesome voice acting, stunningly gorgeous artwork and animation, and a fun storyline, and The Boxtrolls is now my most anticipated movie of 2014.

That’s why I did my second squeal of delight of the day (my first was seeing Pink on the cover of Who magazine), when I fired up YouTube this morning and saw a new The Boxtrolls video trailer had been released. And, it’s the best we’ve been given to date.



the boxtrolls movie stills


The Boxtrolls, if you don’t already know, is a soon-to-be-released stop motion movie that’s based on Alan Snow’s amazing book Here Be Monsters – a book I admit I’ve already read three times. It tells the story of a group of strange beings who have been given a bad rap by the people whose town they live underneath. While the townspeople call them ‘dangerous’ and ‘child stealers’, in reality The Boxtrolls are cute, odd and very very adorable. They’re also bringing up an orphaned boy called Eggs in their own odd fashion, which makes them even more loveable.


the boxtrolls movie still


Of course, like any good movie, The Boxtrolls has its very own villain and he’s a bad one. His name is Archibald Snatcher and he’s intent on exterminating the creatures in the sewers and underground passages below, so it’s up to Eggs and his new friend Winnie to save The Boxtrolls they both love.

Watch the incredibly adorable and gorgeously beautiful The Boxtrolls video trailer below, and then add it to your most anticipated movies of 2014 list. The Boxtrolls will be released on September 12, 2014. I can hardly wait.