The Case Study of Vanitas’ soul-infused ED ‘Salvation’ by MONONKVL is beautiful

Vanitas and Noé washed ashore

Out of the Winter 2022 anime I have watched so far, The Case Study of Vanitas is at the head of my list, both on content and for the show’s theme songs.

Not only is the new OP — ‘Your Name‘ by Little Glee Monster — so incredibly pretty and absolutely addictive, but The Case Study of Vanitas ED is a soul-infused, jazz-tinged beauty I desperately need a full-length release of on my music player immediately.

The Case Study of Vanitas ED is called ‘Salvation‘ and is performed by MONONKVL, the Japanese jazz pop duo comprising singer Sara Yoshida and bassist Ryuta Tsunoda.

The song was released on the Aniplex YouTube channel today.

It came out right before Episode 13 of the second cour of the anime premiered accompanying a credit-less version of the show’s closing animation.

The animated ending features Vanitas and Noé lounging in the top and bottom bulbs of a gilded hourglass as the sand drains out of the bottom.

It ends with them washed up on a deserted beach after having had to swim up from the ocean’s depths, then walking off into the distance.

Listen to MONONKVL’s ‘Salvation‘ in that animation below.

There is also a short ‘anime version’ of MONONKVL’s ‘Salvation‘ currently available on Spotify, which you will also find down there, but… we really really really need the whole song too, eh?

The first episode of the second cour of The Case Study of Vanitas is now streaming on Crunchyroll for premium members.