The Chaos Engine on Sale on GOG, DRM-Free: Well, I’m Psyched (Gameplay Video)

The Chaos Engine is coming to GOG

Okay, just call me the spoilt brat I am. I’m fine with that. Why, you ask, am I saying I’m a spoilt brat? Well, that’s because I had a mini temper tantrum last month about The Chaos Engine remake — accusing the new The Chaos Engine of being a ‘lazy port’ and saying there was no way I’d buy it as it was only available on Steam.

At least on one of those scores, my face is now a bit red. Okay……BRIGHT red. That’s because The Chaos Engine will be going on sale on GOG this week, DRM-free, of course.


Sure, it’s still a bit of a ‘lazy port’, as there are no new levels, no new worlds, in fact no new content at all. But…..if you loved The Chaos Engine as much as I did back in the day, you might want to check out GOG this week as it’s coming soon. No word on price yet but, knowing GOG, it will probably have a discount during the first week it’s on sale.


Meanwhile, GOG has put up a The Chaos Engine gameplay video featuring two of the devs playing multi-player, which you can watch below, so you’ll get an idea of what it’s going to look like. Looks pretty sweet to me. How about you?


Michelle Topham