The Chaos Engine Remake – Nothing But a Lazy Port? (Video)

The Chaos Engine remake — nothing but a lazy port of a classic Amiga game?

With steampunk being all the rage lately, it’s not surprising the remake of the classic Amiga game, The Chaos Engine, is sparking so much interest. In development at The Bitmap Brothers and Devolver Digital, The Chaos Engine remake looks like it could be one of those games us old folks will buy in droves — I mean, come on, The Chaos Engine for the 21st century? How cool is that? Well, actually, not that cool — and for two good reasons.

As this Eurogamer interview with Stuart Morton from Devolver Digital proves, it’s not a ‘remake’ of The Chaos Engine at all. The graphics are the same, the music is the same and the game levels are the same — there are just some ‘extra features’ so they could call it a ‘remake’. In other words, it’s just a lazy port.


All I can say is I played the original The Chaos Engine back in the day and while it would be nice to have it again on PC, I’m not going to pay for something that’s just a port of a game I already own. Even if it does have better save functions, as that’s about the only improvement on the original game I can see.

The Chaos Engine will only be available on Steam

On top of that, The Chaos Engine is only going to be available on Steam so that’s a double whammy for me as if it was going to be available somewhere else, at least there’d be a teeny tiny chance I might eventually buy it. On Steam? No way.

If you do play games on Steam, you can pre-order The Chaos Engine right now if you like. It’s due for release in August. As for me, I’ll be looking for something better to spend my money on. Too bad.