The Contract of the Phantom and His Servant light novel English version – here’s what we know

If you enjoy a good supernatural fantasy light novel series, the upcoming The Contract of the Phantom and His Servant might be a good one to grab.

Written by Michiru Sawarano with the Japanese title ‘Youma to Geboku no Keiyaku Jouken‘, the novel has just been licensed by Yen Press for publication in English, although they haven’t released a publication date as of yet.

What we do know so far, though, is the art style looks interesting (check out the full cover art for Volume 1 below), and the plot sounds intriguing.

From a Yen Press press release, which came out this week, that plot looks something like this:

Masamichi Adachi has been having the worst luck.

He failed his college entrance exams, locking him into a second year of spinning his wheels; he lost his part-time job; and then he nearly died in a hit-and-run.

But while he’s bracing for the end, a frighteningly handsome man appears and invites Masamichi to be his servant in exchange for his life.

When Masamichi agrees to the terms, he finds himself bound to an antique-shop owner who only appears to be human…

It is a light novel series with little information about it available online (in English, at least) but, from the cover art alone, I would give this one a look.


After all, along with the supernatural fantasy, it looks a little ‘boys love-y’, and I am always on board for anything like that.

Check out the very pretty The Contract of the Phantom and His Servant, Volume 1 cover art (cover not final yet) above, and we will keep you posted as soon as we find out more about the light novel series.