The Detective is Already Dead light novel 1 million copies sold bolstered by hit anime

Earlier today, the official The Detective is Already Dead Twitter account announced the Japanese light novel series had reached the milestone of selling more than 1 million copies.


Something author Nigojū also thanked fans for in a tweet.

The light novel series was written by Nigojū and illustrated by Umibōzu.

It has been published in Japan since late 2019 with huge success.

The seventh volume of The Detective is Already Dead will be published in Japanese next month, with the fourth volume due to come out in English via Yen Press in September.

Cover art for Volume 1 of The Detective is Already Dead light novel

Yen Press is publishing both The Detective is Already Dead light novel series and the manga series in English, with the company saying this about the plot:

Kimihiko Kimizuka has always been a magnet for trouble and intrigue. For as long as he can remember, he’s been stumbling across murder scenes or receiving mysterious attache cases to transport.

When he met Siesta, a brilliant detective fighting a secret war against an organization of pseudohumans, he couldn’t resist the call to become her assistant and join her on an epic journey across the world. …Until a year ago, that is.

Now he’s returned to a life that is normal and tepid by comparison, knowing the adventure must be over. After all, the detective is already dead

The hit light novel was also adapted into an anime series, which aired in Summer, 2021.

That anime was so popular it helped bolster the sales of both the light novel and the follow up manga series.

Hence, the 1 million copies of The Detective is Already Dead now sold.

A second season of The Detective is Already Dead anime has also just been announced.

Watch the first season of the anime on Crunchyroll, and check out the just released trailer for Season 2 below.


Michelle Topham