The Dropper: Most Unusual Minecraft Map Ever (Video)

The Dropper Minecraft map is a unique single-player experience

I stumbled across an older Minecraft map the other day called The Dropperprobably the most unusual (and amazing!) custom Minecraft map I’ve ever played.

For a Minecraft map, The Dropper has an incredibly simple premise. All you have to do is ‘drop’ from a height and negotiate the obstacles in your way well enough so that you don’t die on your way down. On every ‘drop’, though, the landscape changes, and the obstacles do too. Die, and you’ll be respawned back at your last checkpoint to try the drop again. Keep on doing new drops until you reach the end of the map.

Drops include avoiding massive chunks of lava, negotiating your way through a kitchen that’s on its side, and dropping through a train tunnel at very high speed. Land in water and you’ll survive. Land in lava or on a hard surface and you won’t.


The Dropper is the Minecraft map I’ve enjoyed playing the most in ages as it’s so unique and such a cool challenge, yet the map itself doesn’t take that long to finish. I did the whole map in about an hour and 20 minutes and that included some time checking out the cool designs of each new ‘drop’.

If you’re interested on seeing how The Dropper is played, The Yogscast’s Lewis and Simon played and completed the map about a year ago and have three videos up showing how they did it. You can watch the first one below.

I recommend you don’t watch the videos, though, until you’ve played The Dropper yourself as being surprised with each cool new ‘drop’ design is part of the fun!

You can download the Minecraft map The Dropper at Planet Minecraft.

Michelle Topham