The Escape of the Seven Ep 17 earns BIG ratings increase – when will Season 2 premiere?

Photo courtesy SBS TV

Season 1 of The Escape of the Seven ends on a high ratings note

The new numbers are out and I am thrilled to see The Escape of the Seven, Episode 17 season finale ended the season with a big ratings jump.

In fact, Nielsen Korea data shows The Escape of the Seven, Episode 17 earned 6.6 percent of the audience share nationwide in South Korea, which is a 1.4 percent jump from its previous episode.

In Seoul, the SBS revenge crime drama performed even better experiencing a huge 2.0 percent increase in its audience share, from Episode 16’s 5.3 percent to last night’s 7.3 percent.

Both ratings helped give the entire first season of The Escape of the Seven a very reputable 6.2 percent average rating per episode nationwide, and a slightly higher 6.3 percent in Seoul.

The Escape of the Seven, Season 2

Sure, the entire drama was a chaotic mess, and don’t even get me started on last night’s Season 1 finale, but… there is a second season of The Escape of the Seven on its way some time in 2024 that should help straighten some things out.

As of today, however, SBS TV has not as yet made a precise announcement as to when the first episode will drop, except to say Season 2 of the K-drama is scheduled to hit some time in March, 2024.

Meanwhile, you can watch the Season 1 finale of The Escape of the Seven, Episode 17 and every other episode of this chaotic but incredibly fun K-drama on Viki.

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