The Graham Norton Show’s Best Moments From Series 16 (Video)

taylor swift graham norton show

One of the things I love about The Graham Norton Show is how the producers put out a ‘best moments ‘video from past seasons, so you can relive all the cool and funny things that happen with Graham, as well as see some of those you might have missed.

With series 17 starting in April, The Graham Norton Show has just released their ‘Best Moments From Series 16‘ video and it’s truly excellent.

Eddie Redmayne classic and hilarious ‘Consider Yourself‘ dance, Benedict Cumberbatch’s funny walk, Taylor Swift’s fans “dying” all over the place, U2’s classic haircuts, David Beckham’s haircuts hitting the news media, Zayn Malik’s loose strand of hair (there’s quite an important hair theme going on here), Rebel Wilson’s rap moment, all are included, and lots more.

The Graham Norton Show’s series 17 will air starting April 10th, 2015. So, while you’re waiting, why not remember series 16. It was a fabulous one.

Michelle Topham