The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK: Best Gaming Event in Britain?

The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK: might just be the best gaming event in Britain

The Insomnia gaming festival in Telford is one of the coolest gaming events in the UK. What’s going to make it even cooler this year, though, is The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK, which kicks off on Friday 23rd August and runs until Sunday 25th August. And, with so much crammed into those three days, The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK might just be the best gaming event in Britain.

During those three days, British Minecraft fans are going to be able to see a huge line-up of special guests, hang out in four multiplay tournament zones, participate in costume competitions, get Minecraft models printed in 3D for free, and listen to a huge number of panels featuring some of your favorite gamers talking about the future of Minecraft.

Special Guests at The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK

Special guests at the event will, of course, include The Yogscast — probably the most famous Minecraft players ever. But, you’ll also get a chance to see the guys from Hat Films, The NoxCrew, BebopVox, SkyDoesMinecraft and Slamacow, just to name a few.


There will also be ‘meet and greet’ zones where, at pre-set times throughout the Minecraft Expo UK, you’ll be able to talk to your favorite YouTube gamers, get their autographs, etc. Just remember to bring along something to be signed.

What kinds of tickets are available for The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK?

Tickets for The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK are going fast, so you might want to grab them now. You can get a 1 day ticket for just 10 quid or, the best deal, the weekend visitor’s pass for all 3 days for 25 quid. There are other options available as well, depending on what you’d like to do there.

For more info, check out the video below. And no, I won’t be there this year as I’m still stuck in Asia, but if you’d please make sure The Insomnia Minecraft Expo UK is a huge success so they’ll hold it again next year I’d much appreciate it as, then……I’m there.



Michelle Topham