The Lost Potato Minecraft Adventure Map: One of the Best Maps Ever (Video)

The Lost Potato Minecraft adventure map is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen

If you are looking for a good Minecraft adventure map, The Lost Potato is spectacular.

You start the map trapped in a prison cell with your only companion a pig who is about to be executed for his bacon. Your goal is to escape the cell, taking the pig with you, and then travel miles in search of, of course, the lost potato.

The map can be played either as single player or with up to three people.


Not only is the design beautiful, the map is enormous, the textures are beautiful and the atmosphere is quite eerie. (The map is also not finished yet either, as according to the developer there is a Part 2 coming.

(Update: Here is Chapter 2 “Misjudged” and Chapter 3 “Secret Chambers” — sadly, however, Chapter 4, although promised, has never been forthcoming).

It also has some wonderful animal characters, a cool RPG storyline, and even has puzzles to solve, notes to find and……. parkour. What more could you possibly want?

Nothing actually. (article continues below…)



The Yogscraft play The Lost Potato map (Part 1: Prison Break)

What’s even better about The Lost Potato Minecraft map, which just released a few weeks ago, is The Yogscast are in the process of uploading a playthrough to YouTube that Lewis and Simon did (three videos so far) and, as always, the pair’s gameplay is hilarious.

Especially when it comes to them desperately trying to not get the pig killed. (The scene with the pig in the fire is still the funniest Yogscast segment I have ever watched. So much so, I rewound it about seven times to watch it again and again).

But, as awesome as Lewis and Simon are, it is The Lost Potato Minecraft map that is the star of this series of videos.

After all, what could be more awe-inspiring to escape from the dungeons of a mysterious tower, find yourself on a ledge high up above a waterworld and see the entire world spread out before you, looking absolutely gorgeous.

For more on The Lost Potato Minecraft adventure map check out the video trailer for Chapter 1 above.

Then, if you don’t mind having some of the surprises spoilt, do start watching The Yogscast’s The Lost Potato playthrough in the video below that.

By the way, if you want to give the map a try yourself, you can download The Lost Potato:Chapter 1 here. And please say thanks to the maps developer, Indiana Crafting – he did an amazing job!


Michelle Topham