The Misfit of Demon Academy II Episode 7 postponed due to “Covid” – oh Japan, join the rest of the world

I laugh now every time I see yet another Japanese anime studio announce upcoming episodes of anime series have been postponed “due to Covid”.

A virus the rest of the world, except apparently Japan, moved on from last year. Especially as it is pretty much a cold for 99.9% of people contracting the virus nowadays.

The latest anime studio to make a statement about episode postponements “due to Covid” is Silver Link, who just announced via the anime’s official Twitter account that The Misfit of Demon Academy II Episode 7, along with subsequent episodes of the fantasy anime, will be postponed “due to the spread of Covid”.

The same company that announced the delay of the first season of the same anime for at least three months back in February, 2020 due to Covid, when there hadn’t even been 1,000 cases of the virus reported in all of Japan.

Silver Link, with its The Misfit of Demon Academy II Episode 7 now postponed, joins the anime studios of Ayakashi Triangle, Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible and several other anime, who have now postponed upcoming anime episodes due to “Covid”.

In one case until April.

Meanwhile, after having the second anime I was investing my time in announce a postponement of upcoming episodes, I have now switched most of my viewing to either anime already completed in 2022 or to Korean dramas.

After all, not one Korean production studio of a drama I am currently watching has postponed any episode.

And certainly not due to “Covid”.

Of course, Korean drama studios do not work on the crazy schedules Japanese anime studios work on, with anime episodes sometimes being completed literally hours before they are due to air.

That means, a couple of people in a Japanese animation company take time off because of contracting a cold virus, and the whole anime production gets shut down until they test negative again.

In other words, if you are watching any anime in the current Winter 2023 season, be aware stand a good chance of it suddenly disappearing off your watch list for the next few months due to Japanese anime production companies still living back in 2020, when the panic about Covid-19 first began.

Korean dramas, on the other hand, don’t seem to have this problem at all.

Apparently though, Korean companies have joined the rest of the world in moving on from Covid-19. Japanese anime studios on the other hand….

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