The Muppets ‘Ode to Joy’: Fun Enough for You? (Video)

the muppets ode to joy


Sometimes you just have to take a break and listen to something wonderful. And silly.

That’s why I took a couple of minutes break earlier to watch The Muppets sing ‘Ode to Joy’. You know, that Beethoven piece that, with the right orchestra and chorus, makes you think you’re in heaven.

The Muppets version, while you may not think heavenly angels and a guy on a throne are in your near future, it should at least make you laugh. And, come on, it’s so silly it’s glorious.

Or, if you want something that’s going to stir your soul, watch Danish theatre company, Momoland, sing ‘Joyful’ (their version of Ode to Joy) at Eurovision 2014.

But, yeah, then there’s The Muppets…………..


Michelle Topham