The Perfect Prince anime gets suggestive visual alongside cast and staff – BL anime out in April

The upcoming AnimeFesta Boys Love anime series The Perfect Prince (aka The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?!) has received a suggestive visual this week, alongside character design sheets and the main cast.


The anime itself was announced last year.

That new The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?! visual features the first prince of the Kingdom of Galsiam, Alec Rey Galsiam, wrapped around isekaid-into-the-novel-world Loneal Glavis, while holding him tightly in an embrace.

Meanwhile, Loneal has more clothes off than on, while Alec looks like he may just be in love.


The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?! visual featuring Prince Alec and Lonil wrapped in an embrace (via Toridori Twitter account)

The accompanying character design sheets (see below) show Prince Alec wearing a stylish grey suit and blue waistcoat, both of which set off his beautiful grey hair.

Meanwhile, Loneal is shown in the same suit but, where Alec looks elegant, Lonil appears boyish and cute.

Voice actor Santa Hiiragi has been cast as Prince Alec, while Haru Danji is Loneal Gravis.


What is The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?! plot about?

The upcoming anime is based on a manga of the same name, which is written and illustrated by Ao Yuki.

It tells the story of an unknown publisher who is desperate to know what happens in a light novel series he is selling, only to be involved in a car accident and die before he finds out.

Luckily for him, he wakes up as one of the novel’s minor characters, Lonil Glavis, in the world of the novel itself, and soon meets the characters he has grown to love.

The problem is, while Lonil Glavis was a minor character who was banished from the world during the first volume of the novel, he is still alive in the world the publisher now lives in.

And, according to Prince Alec, he is also the person the prince is in love with.

As the synopsis for the manga explains:

I’ve always…wanted to touch you.” The dashing prince meets me, the loser rival love interest. Although we should be fighting over the heroine…why does the prince have his sights set on me?!

The Perfect Prince Loves Me, His Rival?! anime also received a teaser trailer a couple of months ago, which you can watch below.

The anime itself is due out on April 7th in Japan, with a censored and uncensored version.