The Player 2 Ep 5 earns lowest rating of its run as did 5th episode of Season 1

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The Player 2, Episode 5 ratings see slight drop from previous episode

As the Korean action crime drama The Player 2: Master of Swindlers continued to settle into its 12-episode run on Monday night, its fifth episode earned the show’s lowest ever rating for Season 2 so far.

Interestingly too, Episode 5 of the first season of The Player also earned the K-drama’s lowest rating, but then rose from there to end on its highest rating ever with Episode 14.

So there’s that.

That rating for The Player 2, Episode 5 by the way was 3.53 percent nationwide last night, which is actually only a teeny tiny drop from Episode 4’s 3.53 percent.

However, should the Korean drama continue the pattern it has had since it premiered on June 3rd — that of its Tuesday episode earning lower ratings than the one airing on Monday — chances are we will see another ratings drop tonight.

In Seoul, however, The Player 2, Episode 5 actually saw a slight ratings rise, moving up from last week’s 3.59 percent to last night’s 3.72 percent.

With such mixed signals then, let’s see how it performs tonight, eh?

The Player 2 stars Song Seung Heon, Lee Si Eon, Tae Won Suk, Oh Yeon Seo, and Jang Gyu Ri.

The Korean crime drama’s next episode will air on tvN later on tonight, with Viki streaming it for its international viewers.

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