The Psychedelic Furs ‘Heaven’ – The Perfect Pop Song – Repeat Rotation Video

pychedelic furs heaven


When I started working as a radio DJ, one of the songs I played on my first show was The Psychedelic Furs’ ‘Heaven’. It’s also the song I’ve been playing all day today, as my Repeat Rotation Video.

The Psychedelic Furs released ‘Heaven’ in 1984, and it ended up being one of the most popular songs they ever recorded — reaching number 30 in the British charts.

What I loved, and still love, about ‘Heaven’ and why I’m playing it today is, although it really is the perfect pop song, what set it apart from just about every other song out there at the time was lead singer Richard Butler’s amazing voice. A voice that made ‘Heaven’, and every other song The Psychedelic Furs released, instantly recognizable as a ‘Furs’ song and instantly memorable.

I loved being a radio DJ – a job I did for almost eight years – and this song is one of my favorites from way back then. Enjoy.