‘The Rewrite’ Official Movie Trailer: Come On, It’s the Lovely Hugh Grant (Video)

hugh grant marisa tomei the rewrite screenshot

There are some actors I would watch if they appeared on screen and did nothing but read a phone book. That three of those actors are now in the same movie? Colour me happy, is all I can say.

The movie? ‘The Rewrite‘ starring Hugh Grant, Marisa Tomei and Allison Janney. Yep. Those three. And, as a writer myself, the plot couldn’t be more perfect.

The Rewrite is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Keith Michaels, an award-winning screenwriter who eventually finds himself with no movie deals and, consequently, no money. It’s then that his agent recommends he accept a teaching job. As Michaels says at the time, “Teaching is an absurd profession practiced by desperate failures”. And then….. his electricity is cut off.

He soon finds himself teaching at a small college on the east coast and it’s there he meets and falls in love with Holly (Marisa Tomei), a single mother.

Directed by the director of another Hugh Grant masterpiece ‘Music and Lyrics‘ (one of my favorite romantic comedies of the last few years), The Rewrite looks like it could just be Hugh Grant as his absolute best.

Check out the official ‘The Rewrite’ movie trailer below. Awwwwww. It’s Hugh.


The Rewrite is due to be released in movie theatres in the US on October 8th, 2014. All I can say? See it.