The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Ep. 15 still struggling to reach ratings of Ep. 1

With only three episodes to go, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Ep. 15 should have more viewers

File this under things I don’t understand.

The reason why The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 15 was still struggling last night to reach the ratings the first episode of the period drama earned.

Even though the SBS TV drama’s ratings have been increasing since its thirteenth episode.

I mean, come on, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse is a good drama — it has an interesting plot, its main cast is superb, the costumes and cinematography are beautiful, and figuring out the main mystery of the series has actually been quite difficult.

Why people are not watching the mystery period drama in the higher numbers they should be then, I sincerely have no idea.

But, back to The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 15 ratings, which were released earlier today by Nielsen Korea.

Those ratings show nationwide Episode 15 garnered 4.0 percent of the audience share, which is still down from its series high of 4.4 percent for the K-drama’s first episode.

In Seoul, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 15 earned 4.3 percent of the audience, which is also still down from the first episode’s 4.8 percent in the country’s capital.

With only three more episodes left in the series then, let’s hope the need to know who Lee Seol turns out to be will bring in higher audiences for its series finale at least.

Because I would love to see this one end on a high note. It deserves it.


Where to watch The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 15?

The romantic comedy mystery drama The Secret Romantic Guesthouse (known as 꽃선비 열애사 in Korean) stars Shin Ye Eun, Ryeoun, Jung Gun Joo, and Kang Hoon, and if you love a good period drama, this one will definitely hit the spot.

In South Korea, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 15 aired on SBS TV last night with the next episode airing on the same channel tonight at  22:00 (KST).

The drama also streams via Wavve for Korean viewers, so it’s easy to catch up on any episodes you may have missed.

The series final two episodes are due to premiere on May 15th and 16th at 22:00 (KST).

Outside Korea, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Episode 15 is streaming on Viki for some regions of the world.

The final three episodes will also pop up on both streaming services minutes after the drama airs in Korea.

Fingers crossed the ratings for those episodes are the drama’s highest.


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