The Secret World MMO Has 400 Percent Rise in Activity After Dropping Subscriptions

As we all could have pretty much told Funcom, having a subscription for The Secret World was a very bad move. So, when they finally dropped the subscription for the MMO in early December, it was also obvious to most of us the game would suddenly get a lot more players.

And apparently it did. Funcom is now reporting, via an investor notice sent out yesterday, that activity within The Secret World is up 400 percent since the subscription requirement was dropped.

They’ve also sold 70,000 new units of the game in the last month alone or, as they say, almost a 30 percent increase in game sales.

That means thousands more new players now online, more activity in the game’s forums, and old players coming back now the subscription has gone.

Funcom is also reporting a complete restructuring of the company with them consolidating offices and concentrating on creating more small MMOs like The Secret World and the upcoming ‘LEGO Minifigures’ game that they know will be a success.

I’m happy to see all of this as The Secret World really is an incredible game, and deserves a lot more players than it originally got, as well as a chance for the developers to create even more missions and updates.

Michelle Topham