The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC – Worth Buying? Ummm…..No (Video)

Is The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC really worth buying?

As fantasy worlds continue to be a big part of many people’s lives The Sims 3 is getting fantasy DLC that could help. The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC adds baby dragons, medieval clothing and more stories to the popular sim, meaning lots more gameplay — at least according to EA. But, is The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC worth buying? Or is it just another Electronic Arts over-priced piece of junk?

The latter, I’m afraid.

In The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC, you basically play similarly to how you would in The Sims Medieval, It has a bit of a story (two rival medieval families vying with each other to control everything — Game of Thrones, anyone?) but as nobody I know plays The Sims games for a story, I do have to ask “Why?”


In fact, all you get out of the new DLC are three cute baby dragons of differing colors, which don’t really serve much purpose, and some nice new clothes. For 20 bucks, I might add. So, is The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC worth buying? Ummmmm… Not remotely.

Can’t say I’d really bother watching The Sims 3: Dragon Valley video trailer either (it’s embedded below). Not unless you want to watch a few hastily thrown together clips that tell you absolutely nothing about the DLC. Seriously, EA. Couldn’t you do better than that?

In fact, the video trailer perfectly shows off EA’s attitude to this whole thing — throw together a poorly-designed, rip-off DLC with little worthwhile content. Add a poorly-designed, worthless video trailer to pull in a few more customers and then charge them the rip-off price of 20 dollars. Typical EA. And they wonder why everyone hates them so much!

Of course, if you just must have the Dragon Valley DLC, you’ll find it up for grabs at on most major game sites.


Michelle Topham