The Tallest Man on Earth Sings ‘Sagres’ on ‘Conan’: Beautiful Folk Rock (Video)

the tallest man on earth on conan

The Tallest Man on Earth rocks ‘Sagres‘ on Conan

I only discovered Swedish singer songwriter The Tallest Man on Earth, aka Kristian Matsson, recently, but I’ve been listening to his albums ever since. He records and produces them himself just wherever he happens to be at that point in time, and they’re all so ‘real’, I love them.

So you can imagine how excited I was to see The Tallest Man on Earth singing ‘Sagres‘ on Conan on Wednesday night. ‘Sagres‘ is from his new album Dark Bird is Home, and it has such an authentic country sound to it mixed in with his usual indie folk rock, I love it.

As for what he’s doing in the US? The Tallest Man on Earth kicked off a massive US tour this month, and will be playing all over the United States until August 23rd. Then he’s back in Europe doing another two-month tour until October 27th to finish up.

Looks like he’s certainly doing his damndest to make sure Dark Bird is Home is a success.

Watch The Tallest Man on Earth sing live on Conan on Wednesday night. Rocked it, I’d say.


Michelle Topham