The Ting Tings Sing ‘Wrong Club’ on James Corden, Addictive (Video)

the ting tings james corden

James Corden continues to get some of the best and most interesting British acts on his Late Late Show with James Corden. Last night it was the British pop duo The Ting Tings, aka Katie White and Jules De Martino. The duo sang their last single, the sugary but bopping ‘Wrong Club‘, and gave a pretty mellow yet still rocking performance.

Wrong Club‘ is from The Ting Tings last album Super Critical. And I love it, as it’s one of those songs that you first hear and think “Hmmmm, that’s forgettable.” And then…you don’t forget it as it keeps bouncing around in your head long after the song has ended, and it’s suddenly addictive.


Watch The Ting Tings performance on the Late Late Show below. And don’t miss James Corden running on stage to help Katie on and off with her guitar mid-song. Cute.


Michelle Topham