The Waterboys Rock ‘The Girl Who Slept For Scotland’ on Letterman (Video)

the waterboys the girl who slept for scotland

The Waterboys sing ‘The Girl Who Slept for Scotland‘ live on David Letterman

As I told you last year when I listened to The Waterboys ‘The Whole of the Moon as my Repeat Rotation Video, they were the first band I played on my first ever shift as a radio DJ.

Years later, and I still love them just like I did back then. So when The Waterboys appeared on David Letterman last night, I’m guaranteeing, if you had strained your ears just a little bit you would have heard me ‘squeeeing’ in Bangkok.

The Waterboys were on David Letterman to sing ‘The Girl Who Slept for Scotland‘.

It is a track from their first studio album in eight years, Modern Blues, which was released a few weeks agoit is new music, yet it’s classic sounding Waterboys, and they rocked the performance.

And, yes, lead singer Mike Scott, the only member of the original Waterboys left, still has what he always had — a voice suffused with roughness, fable and emotion.

A voice that not only sings the music but also sings about the history, the folk tales and the spirituality of the island I grew up on.

Listen to The Waterboys singing ‘The Girl Who Slept for Scotland‘ on David Letterman below. Their performance is masterful.

Michelle Topham